Our playrooms are organised into 5 main rooms which consider the age and stage of the children. This includes our 0-1 years room, 1-2 years room, 2-3 years room, 3-5 years room and Out of School Care. Rooms are arranged to allow us to meet the individual needs of your child whilst maintaining the adult to child ratio set by the Care Inspectorate. All age groups have an appointed Senior Practitioner who oversee a team of practitioners.

Birth-1 Year

Baby Bee's

Our nurturing and stimulating Baby Bee’s room provides a calm, and comfortable space where babies can explore a full range of sensory and tactile experiences with natural open-ended objects to touch, listen to, taste and smell. The children can move easily from one area to another, promoting a variety of physical skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling and pulling themselves up. We feel it is vital that there is continuity of the child’s routine between home and nursery. We therefore encourage lots of involvement from our families in discussing their child’s routines. Parents and Carers are actively encouraged to advise their child’s Key Worker of any changes in sleep pattern, physical development and feeding needs. This ensures that the transition between home life and nursery is positive and supportive for our families. The children have access to an area of the nursery garden allowing them to experience and explore their outdoor environment and the natural world.

Over 30 Years Experience in the childcare & development sector

1-2 Years

Honey Bee's

Our Honey Bee’s room is ideal for your child to flourish and grow in a space where children can feel settled and happy, which also promotes opportunities for children to explore, learn and develop their skills. The environment is designed to enhance children’s senses whilst engaging them in experiences which stimulate and challenge them.

As parents naturally know their children best our staff will work closely with families to get to know your child and their individual needs and routine. The nursery has an enclosed garden where children can experience the freedom of the natural world first-hand.

Purpose built play areas to capture your child’s interests

2-3 Years

Bumble Bee's

The under 3 age groups endorses the Pre-Birth to Three: Positive Outcomes for Scotland’s Children and Families approach which leads to the highest quality provision for all babies and children in their very earliest years. In our Bumble Bee room, we nurture your child through the transition of being reliant on an adult to the desire for independence and give children opportunities to play in groups. This encourages a growing awareness of playing alongside and together with friends. We will focus and build on their recognition of emotions such as feeling happy, sad, frustrated and will calmly support them in coping with these on a daily basis.

Staff will work directly with the children to highlight a growing awareness of the need for simple rules and being able to respond to basic structures such as: preparing snack and getting ready to go outside. In the 2-3 room the children will have daily access to our nursery garden to look at and investigate the immediate environment. We have a variety of areas which encourage the children to walk, jump, run, climb, build and learn to use trikes, bikes and scooters.

Healthy, balanced meals & snacks provided daily

3-5 Years

Busy Bee's

Our Busy Bee’s room is a bright and spacious space full of resources that encourage imagination, exploration and active participation. As children in this room are more independent in their learning and development, they are encouraged to contribute their own ideas and to lead their own learning. Outdoor play is an important part of the day for our children, and we view this space as an extension and continuation of our indoor space.

We are committed to working in partnership with parents and involving you at every step in your child’s learning and wellbeing to allow us to support your child in reaching their full potential.

Where Busy Bee’s flourish

5-12 Years

Out of School Care

The Out of School Care space caters to children of school age up to 12 years old term time. We also run a Holiday Club during various school holidays. We collect from four schools in the area: St Andrew’s Primary School, Cumbernauld Primary School, Westfield Primary and Eastfield Primary School.

We offer a range of fun experiences, fresh snacks, IT access, homework support and local outings and trips. There is direct access to a private garden where children can have the freedom to experience energetic play without the constraints of the indoor environment. Outdoors the children can be challenged and involved in risk-taking activities, large physical play and exercise as well as planting and growing experiences.

Fully skilled staff team to support your child’s learning & development

Forest Area

Our dedicated forest space is located to the rear of the nursery allowing children access to positive outdoor experiences within their natural wildlife surroundings that enhances their knowledge and skills. Staff deliver experiences in an open-ended format to make learning accessible to all, working to the individual needs of children. These experiences help to build children’s confidence and self-esteem as well as promoting independence through hands-on learning.

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